Chef Spotlight

Jeff Mahony, Table Mountain Grill & Cantina

Serving in both a front-of-house capacity as well as chef, Jeff Mahony has over 25 years of experience in the fine dining domain. He brings a well-rounded repertoire of culinary arts to the table, along with a passion for seafood preparation. Chef Mahony joined Concept Restaurant group in 2016 as Executive Chef at Stout Street Social. Since then, he has led teams in 3 other Concept restaurants, including his current home since 2018, Table Mountain Grill & Cantina in Golden, CO. What makes the atmosphere at Table Mountain Inn special? ...


Christopher DeJohn, CEC, AAC – Centerplate

For almost four decades, Christopher DeJohn has shared his love of food, cooking, and leadership. From learning how to make lasagna at the side of Italian mother to executing menus for 75,000 Broncos’ fans, Christopher has maintained an upbeat sense of humor and quiet grace. In 1991, he was awarded Colorado's Chef of the Year and received the Presidential Medallion in 2000. In 2010, DeJohn was inducted into ACF's Colorado Chefs Association Hall of Fame. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Colorado Restaurant Association an ...


Francisco Quintana – Appaloosa Grill

Denver native Francisco Quintana started his journey as a busboy at the Denver Zoo to Executive Chef at the Appaloosa Grill by, in his own words, "Working my way up through local kitchens the hard way."  "Food takes us on a journey," he continued, "From my grandmother's kitchen to Sunday dinners, we all come together around food." What brought you to the Appaloosa Grill? FQ: I recently left the corporate chef world for something smaller and more meaningful. As Executive Chef for Appaloosa Grill, I have found a great environment t ...

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